Romance and Suspense Author Fiona Lothian

New Zealand Author of modern romantic suspense. I want my characters to be real, relatable, to grab you by the hand and pull you into their world.

Coming later this year, the story of the Mayberry family and their hurtful secrets.

Followed by the time travel into the future series. If you like Dystopian movies or books, you'll like this modern, New Zealand series.

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Bree's Gift

Maybe they should walk away – but fate has other ideas. Her father's death two years ago has heartbroken Bree withdrawing from her social life and conversing with the spirit world. Bree is determined to make changes in her life. Drawn to two men at a party she attends with her brother Lance, she experiences an overwhelming feeling of apprehension.

 Jett has plans, they don't include love — sex however, that's different. Sexy Bree is the strangest girl he's ever met. She gets under his skin and he knows he shouldn't mess with her, but when has he ever done the right thing?

Fighting for their lives. Can they deny their feelings? And is it too late?

Ava's Secret

Sexual tension, and a night of passion. An unfortunate slip-up in the bedroom could be a disaster - his words, not hers. Ava slams into sexy Drew as he stands inspecting a bunch of flowers. Her hot coffee explodes between them.

Drew doesn't date solo mothers, they're out on the hunt for a daddy, and that's not him. After an hour spent in Ava's company, he surprised not only Ava but himself when he asks her out on a date.

Ava, disappointed with the outcome of their date, keeps a secret. One that will drive them further apart. Zola wants a daddy, and she wants Drew. Can she enlist the help of her deceased Grampy Clive to help pull these two back together and get her happy family?

Amber's Deceiver

Ditched for her younger sister, Amber must face going home for her father's birthday, and guess what, they'll be there.

Her good friend Sandra enlists the help of her older brother Oliver, whom Amber hasn't seen in years.

She was always a tease. Oliver stood there looking at her scantily clad in her undies in his sister's hall, and he remembered how she made him feel.

If he went along with this crazy plan, could he keep his hands off Amber? Worse still, his heart intact.

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